Caution RE: Bicycle Web Sales

GT bicycles are intended to be sold only in a completely assembled and adjusted condition, by authorized GT Retailers at authorized locations. We have generally prohibited the sale of GT bicycles through the Internet or mail order. If you have any suspicion or concerns re the authenticity of a seller, please call us at 1-800-BIKE-USA.

We do this for your safety. Taking the professional retailer out of the process increases the chance of assembly errors that could lead to an accident or injury. Proper assembly and adjustment are key aspects of maximizing safety, and GT requires the retailer to completely assemble and adjust every GT bicycle prior to its sale. This is particularly important with the unique and innovative features specific to many GT bicycles. We also require that the retailer orient you to the particular bicycle, and to review safety equipment. Please note that your initial 30 day service visit is also very important. Beyond safety, your fit, comfort and satisfaction with the performance of the bicycle are best assured by hands-on professional service.

Finally, as authorized GT retailers are not permitted to sell our bikes via the Internet or mail order, those bikes that are offered through these channels are often second hand, or compromised in some way. Be aware that Internet fraud happens. We have seen very professional looking websites with illegally obtained images of our bikes that are a complete fake! We have talked to people who have been tricked into thinking they were dealing with a legitimate company and have lost their money. Please don't let this happen to you.

In addition to the risks described above, purchasing a GT bicycle via the internet voids all product warranties.  Save yourself a headache and support your local authorized GT bicycle retailer.

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