Lights and Flashing Lights must be used

Warning: Reflectors are not a substitute for proper lights. It is your responsibility to equip your bicycle with all state and locally mandated lights. Riding at dawn, at dusk, at night or at other times of poor visibility without a bicycle lighting system which meets local and state laws and without reflectors is dangerous and may result in serious injury or death.

Warning: If you ride your bike before dawn or after dusk, your bicycle must be equipped with lights so that you can see the road and avoid road hazards, and so that others can see you. Traffic laws treat bicycles like any other vehicle. That means you must have a white front and a red rear light operating if you are riding after dusk. Your bike dealer can recommend a battery or generator powered lighting system appropriate to your needs.

Warning: The two previous warnings urge you to use lights. GT also strongly urges you to use a flashing light or strobe. Most of us at GT who ride at night or in conditions of lower visibility use flashers. They can save your life.

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