Product Limitations

Problems of pilot error aside, hard-core riding also beats the heck out of your equipment. Although we build and test our bikes to make them tough, there's no way that we can guarantee they'll survive your umpteenth six-foot drop. For starters, there is no industry "jumping" standard. The many circumstances of takeoff, landing, speed, rider technique, etc. are unique. The judgment, lack of judgment or insanity of a rider that may ride a GT bicycle cannot be completely predicted, so it's flat-out impossible to predict how anyone's equipment is going to hold up.

Let's get another thing straight. Buying a Freeride bike, or any design bike, does not make you any better. Do not confuse the built-in capabilities of equipment with your own capabilities, which must be learned.

Keeping your bike and all its components in good working order is critical, and it's up to you to maintain and inspect it. Even so, your sweet rig isn't going to last forever. Nothing does, particularly bikes and parts that are built to minimize weight and then subjected to abuse. GT frames carry a lifetime warranty, but that's to cover issues with workmanship and/or materials. See the GT Warranty. It doesn't mean that they're going to last forever. They're not. It certainly doesn't mean that the bicycle will last forever or can in any way protect you from injury.

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